Keep Your Heart Healthy – Follow These Yoga & Food Habits

Our lifestyle just not became busy, hectic but also unhealthy too. Our day to day working environment hardly allows us gym and any other outdoor sports activities. Choosing handy unhealthy food, not doing physical activities and full of pressure work environment are paving us to an unhealthy society. Choosing a healthy life with Yoga and nutrition-rich diet is a demand of 2020.

These 3 simple yoga asans will help you to gain a strong heart along with many other health benefits.

Veerabhadra Asan ( Warrior Pose)

This posture gives strength to the body by coming right. But the special thing about this posture is that it increases the internal strength of the body, due to which there is no tiredness even after long hours of work. By doing this, fat of thighs and stomach is reduced. It also tones your arms and shoulders. To do this, first move one leg backwards, while the other leg is pulled at a 90-degree angle. Move both arms together, just like a mountain. Then slowly bring both hands to the front and pull the back leg further back. Repeat this action with both feet here.

Setu Bandhasana

People who have fat body should do this asana. By doing this, the stomach goes inside. Along with this, problems like back pain, depression and thyroid are also overcome. This posture is also called a bridge pose. This is done by lying on the back. First, lie down on the back, pull both hands in your length. Now slowly raise your waist while bending your knees. Stay in this position for a while, then return to the normal state.


Trikonasana is very beneficial for heart health and has many other health benefits too. You can learn this yoga asana from your yoga instructor and start practising at home. Before doing trikonasana worm up your body form at least 10-15 mins and when you bend slowly so that you don’t get misbalanced. There are also some precaution need to be taken before practising trikonasana read from authentic yoga books or ask your yoga teacher.

These simple food habits can reduce the chances of cardiac arrest and improve heart health.

Physical exercises defiantly help in gaining the goat of healthy heart but following a good healthy diet is also very important. Here is the list of some foods you can choose according to your taste and requirements. Trust me it is not difficult to follow.

  1. Fruits:  All seasonal fruits are good for health but citrus fruits could be the best choice for the heart.  You can consume it as juice or can make a fruit salad.
  2. Vegetables:  Maybe you don’t like okra and eggplant in your plate but both of these fibre rich vegetables help in reducing cholesterol. You can have these twice a week if possible.
  3. Fish: According to the health association of American you can have fish twice a week for a good heart. Fish has omega-3 fatty acid which protects the heart.  You can use hemp seed oil if you are vegetarian.
  4. Nuts: Nuts are a great source of vitamins and minerals. You can have in the middle of meals.
  5. Red Wine: antioxidants in red wine help prevent coronary artery disease, which lead to a heart attack.
  6. Green Tea: Green tea improves blood circulation and lowers cholesterol which helps in reducing heart problems.
  7. Chocolate:  Many research shown that dark chocolate is good for the heart because it helps in balancing high blood pressure.


It is important to have a strong heart to enjoy long and healthy life and you achieve it by doing regular exercise, yoga, using ayurvedic products and having good eating habits.