Problems That Hinder The Performance Of Commercial Refrigerator

Your commercial refrigerator runs all the time to fetch you enough earnings and so can face maintenance issues from time to time. If there is any problem with your commercial refrigerator, it can cost you high on power bills. It can seriously affect the lifespan of your product.

Unlike domestic refrigerators, commercial refrigerators store a large number of products, and if they get spoilt, it can reduce the productivity of your business to a great extent. Proper maintenance of the unit can help you from petty to serious repairs that curtail the functioning of the appliance.

What are some of the problems that can hinder the working of commercial refrigerators?

Check the temperature settings:

If you want to run your commercial refrigerator without any loss, even for a day, you have to continuously check the temperature of your unit. If the proper temperature is maintained in the fridge, it will keep the items inside it cool. Check the temperature settings to know whether the adequate temperature is maintained to prevent the food items rot.

Also, check the gasket sealing to troubleshoot the unit. Sometimes, the door gasket fails to stick to the fridge properly. This will damage the entire unit.

If temperature settings, as well as door gasket, are working properly, there might be a problem with the compressor. In such a case, complete cleaning is required, which you can do or seek assistance from the professionals for refrigerator repair.

Problem with evaporator fan:

Do you face the problem of ice getting accumulated in your unit? You need the help of an evaporator fan. First of all, the evaporator should be free of ice. You can switch off the whole unit to allow the ice to melt off. After the ice has melted off, ensure that the coils of the evaporator are clean. If you notice that only a particular part of the fridge has ice, check for the temperature of the refrigerator. Due to low power, it can happen. At this point, you can seek the help of a professional repairman to take care of the unit repair.

Loud noises:

It is usual for a motor, evaporator fan, and compressor to give out some noise. But if you can hear some weird noises, then it has to be taken care of. These noises are due to a faulty compressor or the evaporator fan out of place. A professional technician can check for the problem and can help you with a refrigerator repair. Otherwise, the unit may stop the running of the business temporarily or permanently.

Lighting issues:

When the lighting inside the unit blows off, you have to repair it to facilitate the handling of the unit properly. Almost all the new units use LED bulbs to illuminate the fridge. When you decide to fix a new bulb, read the instruction manual that comes with the fridge properly. If you fix an inappropriate bulb, it will result in the short-circuit of the electrical sockets.

Accumulation of ice in the drain pan:

A drain pan is what pushes out water from the unit. If you can notice the presence of ice in the pan, it means that the water that drains out from the unit becomes ice. It may be due to the clogged drain line, and it needs immediate attention. In due course of time, the fridge may have a problem with overheating, and the unit will get damaged. It is the kinking of the drain pan that a refrigerator repairman has to repair.

How to solve the problems?

Wipe off the dust: If you want your unit to work properly and keep it function properly, take a dry cloth and dust off the different parts of the fridge. You have to keep coils as well as fans free from dust.

Keep the fan blade clean: The running of the fan will help the unit to function properly. If dust gets accumulated on the fan, it will prevent the normal functioning of the unit. If you remove the dust, the unit will not get overheated and hinder the functioning of the refrigerator.

Regular maintenance: Regularly check all the parts of the fridge like the thermostat, compressor for proper maintenance of the fridge.

In short, there can be a lot of problems that can come in the way of a commercial refrigerator. There are some problems that you can identify and rectify yourself. Commercial refrigerators are the units that we find in restaurants, hotels, and catering units. These units have to be kept running 24×7 to keep the things inside it fresh. Otherwise, the business will run into losses.

Regular maintenance of the unit will help the refrigerator function properly. Temperature dripping can cause a big problem causing a total collapse in the working of the unit. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems, call a professional technician for refrigerator repair.