Teen’s Romance in The Digital Age in A Nutshell

There is time in everyone’s life to have a partner for a romantic relationship in particular. Every teenager once or twice in their life gets involved in a lovemaking relationship and it is a fundamental part while growing up. Since technology has evolved to the next level in terms of mobile phones and omnipresent internet technology it has become easier for everyone to find out someone online to have romance. In the digital age, young teenagers are getting involved in hookups, flirting, online dating from the very young age of 13 -17.  At a young age, adolescents are growing emotionally, physically and socially. Therefore, the presence of social media, internet, and mobile phone technology romance in the digital age has become very common.

The PEW Research Center statistics:

Teens and tweens these days are desperately making their match to have romantic partners using social messaging apps and instant messengers having internet connection on their mobile phones.

  • More than 7% of the teens say that they have met with their lover online
  • Facebook is the biggest platform no time ever before where teens use to date online
  • More than 35% of the teens get involved in dating, flirting and hooked up with someone for romance
  • Almost 18% of the teens do believe in finding their potential partner online
  • Almost 60% of teens are friends with unknown people online

More than 70% of teens admit that they have found their romantic partners online using social media apps like Facebook and others and 8% of teens are using social media for hookups and blind dating. 

Young teens start flirting on social media platforms

The cell phone devices connected to cyberspace and social media platforms are the best technological tools for teens to get involved in flirting and at the end breakup. So, the internet and cell phone have been penetrated in the young slot and keep pushing teens to find out romantic partners because of peer pressure. Furthermore, social media platforms and cell phones enable teens to express their feeling for someone without hesitation. Teens do like to have dates in real –life but even though they are also like to chat with romantic partners all the time on cellphone and social media to the fullest.

  • More than 50% of teens are involved in flirting, dating online and hookups and then meet in person with the romantic to share their feelings
  • 55% of the teens find their real –life crush on social media platforms and send them request to share their feelings for them 
  • 31% of the teens do sexting and share sexual photos and videos to romantic partners 
  • Teens also get involved in obscenity and share private videos in sexual suggestive possess to their supposed significant other 

Teens addicted to texting because of romantic partners

Text messaging on social media apps and cellphone networks is the by far activity of teens to do communication with romantic partners all day long. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many more social media apps are the best tool for teens to send and receive text messages.

  • 72% of the teens daters do are addicted to send text messages to their partners 
  • 40% of the teens send and receive text messages on cell phone networks 
  • Only 29% of the teens want to meet their romantic partners in person dating 

How are teens doing romance with partner in the digital age?

Young teens love to do romance with their lovers using mobile phone text messages, social media messaging, voice and video calls on instant messengers, and also use emails. So, the romance on the digital platforms over the years is on the rise. Let’s look at the stats and you decide yourself.

Text messages:

More than 90% of teens spend their time on cell phone text messages to communicate with their loved ones.

Mobile phone calls:

More than 85% of the teens make long cell phone calls at night to their lovers secretly without their parents knowing.

Social media:

70% of the teens spend time on social media platforms talking to their partners in texting, voice and video calls and multimedia sharing. 

Digital romance can put teens at risk: What parents should do? 

Teens and tweens involved in online dating, flirting, hookups and stuff like that to have a romantic relationship are always in danger. Some cases have been reported on mainstream media in which teens trapped by the stalkers, sexual predators, bullies and plenty of others alike. Teens may become the victim of rap and gang rap and even they can lose their lives. So, parents have to take care of the teens no matter what. Parents can set parental control on teen’s cell phones and monitor their text messages, social media apps, instant messaging, voice calls and get to know what they are planning with someone.


Parents should use cell phone spy software to monitor teen’s activities in terms of cell phone calls, messages, voice call logs and multimedia sharing to the fullest.