Tips to Optimise Your YouTube Channel

To optimise your YouTube channel, digital marketers can offer hundreds of paid promotions.

If you are in the beginning phase, you can opt for a free promotional technique. These tricks are simple, practical, and yet provide you with effective results.

If you are looking for guidance on how to increase YouTube views, you can find the best tips in the below write up.

Best Tactics To Optimise Your Youtube Channel

The number of viewers or audience on YouTube is around 2.5 billion, so gaining a thousand subscribers in a year with the best quality of content is not difficult. You can consider the following tactics to get the desired number of views and subscribers.

1. Make use of Customised & Relevant Thumbnails

Thumbnails for a video can be more important than a title. Our brain first notices the visuals. So if you are providing the relevant and engaging thumbnails for your YouTube video, you can surely attract the attention of the audience.

While creating a thumbnail, you should make sure that you can keep in mind the ideal resolution, size, format, colours, and also the text on your thumbnail.

2. Provide High-Quality Videos

Do you like to watch a pirated movie online?

The most common answer would be No. Because we cannot bear something that has issues with sound or video quality. Same applies to your YouTube channel. If you do not ensure your Video and audio resolution, your viewers might quit watching in the mid of your content.

FYI, if a user quits your video before 30 seconds it is not counted as a view and it will add to your spam score.

3. Interact With Your Viewers & Subscribers  

As per a study, the channel that ensures real-time engagement with their audience is most likely to attract a higher number of views. Irrespective of receiving the positive or negative comments on your video, you must respond politely to both kinds of reviews.

It would gain attention for the praisers as well as critics and they would surely visit your channel for the next watch. It is one of the most practical and result-oriented answers for how to increase YouTube views.

4. Initiate Contest or Try Q&A With Your Audience

Apart from providing the best quality content for your viewers, you shall provide them with the opportunities for engagement. Contests, Question and Answers, One-minute games have proven to attract a higher number of views for a YouTube Channel.

If you schedule a particular date and time for such interesting activities on your channel, the user would never forget to visit your channel for the same. Even if they don’t subscribe the channel for watching the videos, they might surely subscribe to get the notification for such events.

Final Words

The tips mentioned above have proven to be very helpful for optimising your YouTube channel. Apart from practising the above-mentioned techniques, you can consider sharing the videos on your social media handles, uploading frequent videos on your channel, and other such things to run your channel successfully.